Wallpaper, Flooring & New Paint, Oh My!

We’re less than five weeks away from opening day and its crunch time. The Mizpah has been gutted from head to toe—all the old, non-working kitchen equipment has been removed, the crumbling floors ripped up, and the ancient lobby restrooms demolished. Needless to say our Grand Old Lady is looking a little bare, which is both frightening and exciting.
But she won’t be like this for long.

New wood floors just went down in the Pittman Cafe and they are beautiful. New wallpaper (finally chosen!) is up in the corridors, the guest rooms have been scrubbed and painted, and new beds and luxury linens are on en route to Tonopah as I type this. Last week we made the exciting decision to have the soaps, shampoos and lotions handcrafted by a local artisan in Sonoma. It took a whole day but we eventually settled on four gorgeous fragrances to complete the Mizpah’s premium amenity offering. Between the super-soft bedding and handmade soaps you might not want to leave your room.

Since the opening date was posted and the ribbon cutting announced (August 27th at noon for those who missed it), the myriad things that still need to be done keep barreling toward me at top speed like an out-of-control, overloaded freight train. What about the picture frames? What about the town history? What about the plants? What about the lights in the vault? Yet my anxiety is no match for my excitement and pride in all of this. Even the looming deadline only scares me every once in a while.

The most exciting news of late is that I was able to speak to Frank Scott’s daughter. Frank Scott renovated the hotel in 1979, and the Mizpah would not exist as it does today if it weren’t for his incredible vision and hard work. Like me, he was driven by a love for the old hotel, and I am thankful every day to him for that. His daughter will be at the ribbon cutting and I can’t wait to meet her in person. That’s all for now. Must get to get back to my living room which is currently buried somewhere under  five types of pillows, three types of mattress pads, four or five different blankets, a few sets of sheets, three bed skirts, and 38 samples of wallpaper. See you at the Mizpah!



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4 responses to “Wallpaper, Flooring & New Paint, Oh My!

  1. Michelle

    Exciting times in Tonopah! Very much looking forward to seeing the Mizpah come alive again, count on us being guests in the very near future!

  2. Sue Butler Stoutenburg

    Loved seeing your note on this blog. An incredible amount of work and we can hardly wait to see the renovation on August 27. Thank you so much for inviting my sisters and I to the grand opening.
    Sue Butler Stoutenburg,
    Bishop, California

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