Jim Butler Days Part 2: Friday

Hilary and I hit the ground running Friday morning toting sheets, towels toiletries and more up and down five flights of stairs getting ready for the rest of the kids and Fred to descend.  After 17 trips up and down those stairs our aching legs prompted a call to our elevator repair man, who promised to have it running within the week.  Later I reminded everyone who arrived on Friday night, complaining that the 7 hour drive was so grueling, that it took Harry Ramsey three days by stage coach in the early 1900s to get to Tonopah from as close as Reno. That put the drive, and the non-working elevator, in perspective.

Shortly after their arrival we welcomed the rest of the family with dinner, wine, and an unexpected surprise for the kids: High speed Internet access.  Despite our fears, the kids’ first visit to the Mizpah was a huge success. They loved it, and genuinely appreciated the efforts we’ve put forth to restore it.

Whilst exploring, my son Ramsey, his friend John, and Fred uncovered a secret entrance to the Mizpah mine, located in a deep dark corner of the equally deep, dark Mizpah basement. I hope we never stop discovering these surprises and treasures.

After dinner Megan and Peter went across the street to ride the mechanical bull, witness the “Bartender and Waitress” race, and hear the live music well into the night.   I am told that Megan out rode Peter by 50 seconds, which I imagine feels longer than it sounds.



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2 responses to “Jim Butler Days Part 2: Friday

  1. pete

    50 seconds no way!!!!!

  2. Nicole

    How cool that your son found the secret entrance to the mine….when Bill Allison ran the Mizpah on Halloween they would have a haunted house in the basement and mine! I will be sending in my resume this week! Hope to hear from you!

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